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MHow'S everything going?

WFinethanksHow are you doing?


AI’m 16 now BYesit is good CSee you then DOhnot too bad




He has the quiet manner of people who are used to meeting danger

A.善于 B.习惯于 C.便于 D.有用于



Could you tell me your school is from your home?

Ahow far Bhow soon Chow long Dhow often




I lived with my parents and my two younger brothersWe weren’ 1 but we didn’t think of ourselves as pennilessWhen I was fiveI 2 school3 was an old building that the school hadand we sat on hard wooden seatsSome of the 4 boys and girls got very bored(厌烦), 5 for me school was a great adventureThe only teacher I didn’t like very much was MrWhitewho used to 6 too much at lunch-time and fall 7 in the middle of the afterlloon

At home we never talked very 8 at mealtimesAfter dinner my father 9 go back to workI often 10 my homework while my mother washed the dishes and cleaned 11 the room 12 Saturday nightswe would a11 sit in the living-room and listen 13 the radio

When I left hish school, I wanted to go to collegeMy father 14 liked the ideabut my mother told him,“A girl 15 a college education can find a better husband”I remember 16 once my father told me not to read SO many books because“people who read too much 17 blind” He was seriousHe couldn’t understand why I didn’t get 18 and have childrenWe never really knew each other very wellThere is 19 like a wall between usI am on one 20 and he is on the other

1. A. rich B. richer C. poor D. poorer

2. A. stopped B. continued C. started D. left

3. A. This B. That C. It D. He

4. A. other B. others C. another D. all

5. A. since B. but C. or D. because

6. A. cook B. see C. think D. drink

7. A. asleep B. sleepy C. sleep D. sleeping

8. A. many B. much C. few D. little

9. A. will B. shall C. would D. could

10. A. copied B. did C. made D. wrote

11. A. away B. out C. off D. up

12. A. To B. At C. In D. On

13. A. with B. to C. at D. in

14. A. mostly B. usually C. hardly D. seldom

15. A. at B. on C. by D. with

16. A. whether B. that C. if D. why

17. A. let B. appear C. begin D. go

18. A. nervous B. worried C. married D. angry

19. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

20. A. place B. wall C. part D. side



11-15DDBCD 16-20BDCAD

IV. 阅读理解


Lewis and his party were travelling in the Wild West. The Native Americans at several places had told them about a kind of bears, which weighed about 600 pounds. The local people would only attack these great bears if there were six to ten people in their hunting party, and even then the bears would sometimes kill one of them.

Lewis was out alone on June 15, 1805. Suddenly he saw a bear came towards him. He held up his gun but it didn’t work. The bear was getting closer. There were no trees nearby, but there was a river. So he quickly ran into the water. The bear followed. When the bear saw him in the water, for some reason it stopped and ran in the other direction. Lewis was lucky.

On July 15, 1806, Hugh McNeal, Lewis’s fellow traveler, was out alone on horseback. All of sudden he saw a bear nor far away. His horse suddenly ran forward and threw him near the bear. The bear was ready to attack him. What could he do at such a short distance? He hit the bear on the eye with his gun very hard and quickly climbed up a nearby tree. Because of their large size and straight claws (爪子)this kind of bears is not good at climbing trees, so the bear waited at the base of the tree. And it waited, and waited. Finally, just before dark, the bear gave up and left. McNeal climbed down and got back to camp safely.

1. From the passage we can see that bear was________.

A. big but clever B. small and active C. big and dangerous D. small but powerful

2. When Lewis met the bear, he_________.

A. fired his gun B. got into a river C. climbed up a tree D. ran in another direction

3. McNeal was lucky because___________.

A. the bear did not find him B. he had two guns with him

C. he could run away on horseback D. the bear was bad at climbing trees

4. Which of the following statements is true?

A. The bear was afraid of water.

B. Lewis and his party were hunting bears.

C. The bear could not see well in the evening.

D. Lewis and his party traveled for more than one year.

题号 1 2 3 4

答案 A B D D



Lucy is the most creative person I know. At school, she 1 (create) many interesting projects and won some prizes, so her parents were very 2 (pride) of her. Now Lucy works as a 3 (write) for a TV show. Together with her colleagues, she has to think of fresh ideas come up with 4 (fun) dialogues for the actors on their show. It is not 5 easy job, but Lucy does is 6 (proper). Lucy is curious. She likes to travel and meet new people 7 have their own opinions that are different 8 hers. She often keeps a notebook in 9 (she) bag and writes down what she sees and hears.I always enjoy 10 (talk) with her.



_____________________ (你一回到家),please send me an e-mail.

答案:As soon as you get (back) /return/go back/arrive home

VII. 应用写作。



Dear Tom,

March 10 is my birthday. There will be party in my home this Saturday evening. We are going to sing and dance. I would like to invite you to join us.